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PRP for Hair Loss vs. Hair Restoration Surgery

The first signs of balding or hair thinning can occur at any age. Hair loss can make a person look unnecessarily aged and can be a great source of insecurity. While there are effective surgical options for reversing the signs of hair loss, for many people surgery is an undesirable option due to the high costs, pain, and long recovery period.

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Tailored PRP Treatment

Fortunately, a non-surgical option is available. This treatment uses injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair regrowth. With a customized PRP treatment at Springhouse Dermatology in Philadelphia, you can soon enjoy thicker hair growth and a more confident outlook.

PRP Hair Regrowth in Philadelphia

PRP is a minimally invasive solution for mild to moderate hair loss in both men and women. Through PRP, a patient’s own blood is drawn and then strategically injected into the scalp so as to re-stimulate hair follicle growth. Once drawn from a patient’s body, the blood is placed in a centrifuge and separated into high-concentrations of platelets that are rich in growth factors. PRP promotes hair growth in places where it has slowed or stopped, which helps patients achieve a visibly fuller head of hair by increasing hair count and thickness.

Hair Restoration Surgery

Hair restoration, or hair transplant surgery, involves replacing bald patches with skin that has a denser concentration of hair. Through a method called follicular unit transplantation, skin is taken from the back of the head or other parts of the body. These skin grafts are then surgically inserted into places that hair has been lost. Because it is an actual surgery, hair restoration involves the administration of anesthesia, pre-and post-surgery instructions, and a longer recovery. It is traditionally more costly than PRP treatment as well.

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PRP Vs. Hair Restoration Surgery Overview

Hair Restoration PRP
Procedure Time: A hair transplant surgery is more invasive, requires the administration of anesthesia, and can take several hours to complete. PRP is an out-patient treatment that can be done in less than one hour.
Involves: Incisions Injections
Works Through: Grafts, or small patches of skin, with thicker hairs that are removed and repositioned to create a fuller look. A patient’s own blood is drawn and separated to create a plasma-rich solution that regenerates hair growth.
Recovery Process:
  • Will need to schedule recovery and adequate downtime post-surgery
  • Little to no downtime
  • No significant recovery period necessary
  • No need to take time away from your busy schedule, work, or other obligations

Your PRP Treatment with Dr. Weishar in Montgomery County

The team at Springhouse Dermatology is known throughout Montgomery County and Philadelphia for being among the best in patient care. We take the time to get to know our patients and understand their concerns, so that we can best create a treatment plan that suits both their lifestyle and aesthetic goals. If you think you may benefit from a PRP for hair loss treatment, or want to learn more about the procedure, we encourage you to set up a time to come see us. Simply request an appointment online or call us at (215) 542-0655 and a member of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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