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Fractional Resurfacing

We all love great results. Downtime-not so much. Enter Fractional Lasers… One of the most exciting advances in lasers in the last years has been the arrival of fractional laser technology. Fractional refers to the breaking up of the beam of laser into tiny microbeams. These microbeams allow targeting of tissue with healthy untreated tissue interspersed. This treatment is effective against blemishes in the skin caused by acne, fine lines, pores, pigment and improves texture, tone and color. Fractional Resurfacing is also effective in improving the appearance of scars, whether they are new or old scars resulting from surgery or trauma.

The number of treatments depends a number of conditions, and a proper treatment plan will be determined at your consult. Typically 3-6 treatments are necessary. Recovery time is minimal. Your skin will heal quickly from the untreated tissue allowing Dr. Weishar to provide excellent results with little to no downtime.

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