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Featured Treatments

Uneven pigmentation

Brown pigmentation, spot and dullness can really make our skin look tired. We can sweep away these problem areas with the most advanced lasers, peels, and medical grade skincare and give you a plan to keep your skin radiant and spotless.

Clear and Brilliant

An “entry level” laser to brighten and tighten skin will have little downtime. Great for refreshing the skin and improving the texture


Pico Genesis

An advanced laser with no down time to treat brown spots or darkening of the skin. It is one of the few laser treatments that is safe for melasma.


Chemical Peels

We offer a wide variety of peels from light no downtime peels to medium peels requiring some visible skin shedding. Refreshes and renews the skin.



A versatile light based device that can be used to treat redness and brown marks or discoloration on the face, chest, and neck.


Medical Grade Skincare

We have access to many different brands and sources for the highest grade skin care that you can find. Our staff will work with you to find a skin care regime that meets your skin goals.

Top Doctors 2019 - Dr. Margo Weishar
Written By:
Dr. Margo Weishar
Board Certified Dermatologist, Montgomery County