Skin Cysts Diagnosis & Treatment

Cysts are common for many people, with some not even realizing that they have one!

Dr. Margo Weishar, our double board-certified dermatologist at Springhouse Dermatology sees several patients complaining of sebaceous cysts and epidermoid cysts. Her extensive experience in cosmetic and medical dermatology sets her apart as the preferred dermatologist for patients throughout Philadelphia, Bucks County, and Montgomery County.

What Are Cysts?

Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that can form anywhere on the body. They are often benign (non-cancerous) and painless but can become infected or rupture. Dr. Weishar treats cysts, or abscesses, in a variety of ways, depending on their size and location.

Types of Cysts

There are many different types, and they can vary in size from very small to quite large. Some common types include:

Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous cysts form in the sebaceous glands, which are located near the hair follicles. They contain a fatty material called sebum and can often be squeezed to release the sebum.

Epidermoid Cyst

An epidermoid cyst is the most common type of abscess and forms underneath the outer layer of the skin. These non-cancerous cysts often contain blackhead or whitehead material and can be treated by draining or surgically removing them.

Pilar Cyst

Pilar cysts form in the hair follicles and contain keratin, a protein found in hair. They can be treated by draining them or surgically removing them. If left untreated, they can grow quite large and become difficult to hide with hairstyle techniques.

Dermoid Cyst

Dermoid cysts are quite rare, but potentially dangerous as they can contain tissue from other parts of the body (like teeth or bone). Dermoid abscesses should always be surgically removed.

Bartholin’s Gland

This type of abscess forms near Bartholin’s gland, which is a small organ located on each side of the vaginal opening. Bartholin’s gland cysts can cause pain and swelling in the area around the vagina.

Dr. Margo Weishar, a Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctor, can help with non-invasive and minimally invasive treatment and removal of bothersome cysts. Book your appointment at 215-542-0655 today!

Cyst Treatment & Removal

Cysts commonly appear on the face, neck, abdomen, and chest areas. This can create some distress and discomfort, especially when it oozes a thick, yellow, smelly discharge. A ruptured cyst requires immediate medical attention to prevent any further infection.

Some abscesses do not require treatment as they will eventually go away on their own. However, if it’s causing pain or other problems then it needs to be treated by an experienced, and qualified medical professional. Treatment options include:

  • Drainage: This is a surgical procedure where a doctor opens up the abscess and drains out the contents.
  • Surgical cyst removal: To completely remove a cyst, it may be necessary to remove the entire abscess with sac surgically.
  • Steroid injections and prescription medications: If infected or inflamed, you may need to take antibiotics or other medications prescribed by your doctor.

Choose Dr. Margo Weishar for Skin Cyst Removal

Patients throughout Philly have benefitted from Dr. Weishar’s passion for medical and cosmetic dermatology for more than 25 years! Her commitment and passion continue to add value to the lives of her patients, her dedicated team of aesthetic professionals, and her colleagues in the field of dermatology and skin care.

Her renowned expertise has consistently been recognized! She is a top 3% ExpertInjector, Speaker for Cutera, and is double board-certified. Contact Springhouse Dermatology for the best cyst treatment and care.

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