Treatment for Sagging Brows without Surgery

As we grow older, gravity and loss of collagen combine to produce heavy, sagging brows. In some people, the effect can be quite dramatic, causing individuals to seek treatment for a sagging brow. Springhouse Dermatology and Aesthetics, located in Montgomery County, has become a top choice for individuals looking to brighten their facial appearance with an eyebrow lift. Dr. Margo Weishar leads the cosmetic medicine team, which has extensive experience helping patients reach their aesthetic goals.

A Successful Brow Lift Without Surgery

While thousands of people search for information about surgical eyebrow lifts online, a good portion of the individuals desiring a brow lift, or browplasty, seek ways to raise their droopy eyebrows via non-surgical methods.

With a concentrated focus on providing the best aesthetics via cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Weishar uses several non-surgical means of achieving an enhanced look by raising sagging brows, which don’t require the recovery time of surgical lifts. Dr. Weishar is a double board-certified dermatologist and a top 3% ExpertInjector™ who performs each cosmetic injection at the practice, leaving her patients with a more youthful look.

Eyebrow Lifts with Ultherapy

Dr. Weishar takes advantage of Ultherapy to tighten and lift the eyebrow area without the invasiveness of a surgical eyebrow lift, or a forehead lift, as the cosmetic procedure is also known. Instead, Ultherapy builds collagen for patients with a limited amount of sagging and who do not yet desire eyebrow surgery.

Ultherapy can act as a natural eyebrow lift before indulging in additional advanced treatments for the brows. The FDA has approved Ultherpay to lift the skin utilizing ultrasound energy.

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Getting an Eyebrow Lift with Botox in Montgomery County, Philadelphia

Botox is another FDA-approved means of performing a non-invasive eyebrow lift using injectables. Dr. Weishar provides advanced techniques for Botox microinjections to help dissipate wrinkles in the brow area and lift them without the “frozen face” or “Spock brow Botox” look that less-advanced providers may create.

Due to Dr. Weishar’s unique knowledge in evaluating specific patient anatomies and determining the perfect dosage necessary to foster optimal results she has become a popular Botox expert injector in Montgomery County. Her advanced training has taught her the nuances of using injectables to best sculpt the eyebrow lifts her patients want in order to refresh their appearance.

Eyebrow Lifts with Silhouette InstaLift Non-Surgical Thread Lift

The Silhouette InstaLift is another treatment for gaining an eyebrow lift without the invasiveness of surgery. The thread lift treatment gives patients a natural way of experiencing facial rejuvenation as Dr. Weishar uses micro-thin cones and threads inserted into the facial tissues to lift the skin, lessen sagging, and minimize wrinkles.

The painless Silhouette InstaLift works deep within the layers of facial skin in order to physically lift the area without undergoing a surgical facelift with incisions, extended recovery time, and stitches. Instead, Dr. Weishar strategically places the Silhouette InstaLift threads in the optimal positions to bring out your most beautiful, youthful appearance in less than one hour.

For more information regarding how you can improve your brows and rejuvenate your look, book an appointment at Springhouse Dermatology and Aesthetics today.

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