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How to get the best results from your laser treatment

The newest generation of lasers is based on pulses that are short—a trillionth of a second, called a picosecond. These high intensity pulses are on for such a short time and do not generate significant heat in the skin. Picosecond lasers were originally developed to target tattoo pigment, but after introduction there was a new
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RestoreSea PRO

The Story Founder/CEO, Patti Pao, discovered the power of the Aquabeautine XL® hatching enzyme while on a tour of a salmon hatchery in Western Norway. She noticed that the workers’ hands, which were submerged in the hatching water all day, looked as if they were in their 20’s, while their faces looked much older than their
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Know Your Vitamins – Inside and Out!

Should you be taking or applying your vitamins? We broke down the vitamins needed to unveil your best skin!

Is There a Permanent Solution for Grey Hair?

Is There a Permanent Solution for Grey Hair? A Note from Springhouse Dermatology: Over the past few years, we’ve had several people contact us about grey hair treatments. We don’t want you to be disappointed, so before you start reading we want you to know that, currently, there is no proven way to permanently treat
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Double down on your skin cleanse

The Double Skin Cleanse is becoming super popular because it’s necessary to remove that excess oil and make up from your skin.  Most people don’t realize that a single cleanse with a water based surfactant cleanser can still leave behind a film on your skin which consists of make-up and sunscreen which has mixed with
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Ten ridiculously easy ways to save your skin this summer.

.     .     .     . We all know that sun is bad for your skin by now- I mean don’t we? Brown spots, sagging, lines, large pores not to mention the bad one- skin cancer- and I don’t mean just the ones like Basal Cell that we can cure but
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5 New Ways to Treat New and Old Acne Scars

Millions of people suffer from acne. It can start as a young teen or as an adult. Whether your breakouts respond to home treatments or you see a dermatologist regularly one of the most feared complications is acne scarring. This can range from one “pock mark” to an entire face. The strange thing is that
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Breaking the Barrier – Fractional Lasers

What does a fractional laser treat? There are two types of fractional lasers now, the more gentle, erbium-type fractional lasers, (often called “non-ablative”, and the CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser systems. In general lasers treat mild to moderate acne scarring, and fine wrinkles, sun damage, and aging on the face, neck, chest and hands but also on the
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Hair today, GONE tomorrow!

Imagine Never having to shave again. Laser hair removal treatments can do just that! Laser Hair Removal reduces your hair removal routine and leaves your skin with a smooth feel and look that cannot be achieved through other means. It is the best hair removal option currently available on the market today. During laser treatments,
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