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Laser Hair Removal

Excessive hair in undesired locations is a problem for both men and women. Laser Hair Removal is one of the most effective methods for permanent near-total removal of unwanted hair. Many people will see up to six months of hairlessness in treated areas and a permanent reduction of up to 90%.

Laser Hair Removal 101

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Intense Pulsed Light is used to target areas of unwanted hair growth. Over the course of a treatment series, the treated hair follicles are damaged, preventing them from growing new hair. Hair goes through different phases, and the treatment is most effective during the growing phase. As your hair grows at different times, it will take several treatments to permanently remove all of the hair. While this treatment works best on lighter skin tones and darker hair, we also have alternative laser hair removal options that are safe for all skin types.

101 - What to Expect

What to Expect

  • Once the treatment area is cleansed, a protective lotion is applied to the skin. Each pulse of the laser feels like a light rubber band snap, and is generally comfortable to the patient.
  • In between treatment sessions, you will find that fewer hairs grow in, and those that do grow are often lighter and thinner.
  • In order to treat the hair during the target stage of growth, a full treatment series typically requires 5-10 treatments.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Patients are asked to come in with their skin clean and moisturizer-free.
  • Do not shave about two days prior to the treatment. However, shaving prior to this is recommended so hair is the optimal length for treatment.
  • Do not pluck or wax during the treatment series.

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IPL Laser Hair Removal

During laser treatments, the hair follicle is altered by performing a series of laser pulses over the area, either permanently removing or replacing the unwanted hair with a vellus (fine, light-colored) hair. IPL laser hair removal can eliminate up to 85 percent of dark coarse hair. Almost any area can be treated with minimal discomfort and virtually no down time.

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