Warts: Diagnosis & Treatment in Philly

If you have a wart on your skin, you’re not alone. Warts are one of the most common skin problems. They can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, and while they are usually harmless, some require medical intervention.  Philadelphia residents are fortunate to access the best skin care with  Dr. Margo Weishar, the founder of Springhouse Dermatology. She is double board-certified and has been selected as a Top Doctor by Philadelphia Magazine for 5 consecutive years!

What Are Warts?

Warts are benign skin growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). They can occur anywhere on the body but are usually found on the hands and feet. Warts vary in size and shape and can be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and single or clustered.

While most warts go away without treatment, they can sometimes be difficult to get rid of. Dr. Weishar is passionate about dermatology and understands how annoying warts can be. She sees many patients in Montgomery and Bucks County for wart treatment.

Common Warts

There are different types of warts, but the most common is called “common warts”. They usually appear on the hands or feet. Other types of warts include:

  • Genital warts are typically found on the genitals but can also occur around the anus. They are transmitted through sexual contact and can cause various health problems, including cancer.
  • Plantar warts are commonly found on the bottom of the feet and are caused by pressure on the feet. They can be painful and cause difficulty walking.
  • Filiform warts are usually found around the mouth and nose and are often mistaken for skin tags. These warts often respond well to home remedies.

Warts Treatment

There are many different ways to treat warts, depending on their size and location. Some common treatments include:

  • Over-the-counter medicines: There are many different over-the-counter medicines available to treat warts. These medicines contain salicylic acid, which helps to remove the wart’s dead skin cells.
  • Cryotherapy: This procedure uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the wart.
  • Surgery: In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove a wart.

Dr. Weishar will discuss the best wart treatment option for you once she’s examined your wart/s. She is also able to advise on preventative strategies that reduce the spread of warts, especially genital warts.

Choose Dr. Weishar for Wart Treatment in Philly

Dr. Margo Weishar is a leading expert in the field of cosmetic and medical dermatology. She is double board-certified and a renowned speaker and trainer for other aestheticians and medical professionals. Dr. Weishar’s passion for science and aesthetically pleasing results continues to satisfy her patients throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County. Book your warts removal with Dr. Weishar for the best results.

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