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Silhouette Instalift

Enhance Your Natural Contours

  • Redefine your jawline
  • Improve skin laxity
  • Immediate results
  • No downtime
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Silhouette InstaLift – Non-Surgical Thread Lift

Silhouette InstaLift is a minimally invasive treatment that uses absorbable sutures to gently lift face and neck tissues to a more youthful position. This type of quick, no downtime thread lift treatment has been popular in Europe for many years and is now available in the United States. Dr. Margo Weishar, a nationally recognized cosmetic dermatologist who is committed to offering the latest aesthetic treatments, is proud to be among the first doctors to provide the Silhouette InstaLift in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties. This revolutionary treatment is perfect for patients who are looking for a subtle lift without surgery.

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Best Silhouette InstaLift in Montgomery County

As the director of Springhouse Dermatology, Dr. Weishar takes great pride in providing our patients with cutting edge treatments to get the best cosmetic results in the least invasive way possible. InstaLift threads are capable of producing very natural results when they are administered correctly. Dr. Weishar is experienced in rejuvenating faces with thread lifts. When you come in for a consultation, she will examine facial tissues and skin laxity as well as recommend a treatment plan that best addresses your concerns. She will demonstrate how she can noticeably reduce visible signs of aging with Silhouette InstaLift while providing a natural look that reflects your unique beauty.

What Happens During Treatment?

Silhouette InstaLift works by lifting sub-dermal layers of facial skin to erase fine lines and wrinkles. During your InstaLift treatment in our Philadelphia area office, Dr. Weishar will insert very thin threads and cones strategically around your face and neck to mechanically reposition tissues deep under the skin back to their youthful positions. Unlike most non-surgical treatments, Silhouette InstaLift has the potential to take years off your face without going under the knife. The entire procedure is typically completed in less than an hour. Since no incisions are required, recovery after the procedure involves no downtime and is relatively pain-free.

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Are There Any Risks?

The Silhouette Instalift in Montgomery County is a low-risk procedure. Some patients experience bruising after the treatment and others may notice skin irregularities at the insertion points. However, these typically disappear within a few days after the procedure. To ensure you achieve the best results possible, Dr. Weishar will provide a list of post-procedure recommendations for you to follow in the weeks after your treatment.

Transform Your Appearance with a Silhouette InstaLift in Montgomery County

Dr. Weishar was one of the first doctors in Montgomery and Bucks Counties to introduce the Silhouette Instalift to her practice. She will not recommend InstaLift if it is not needed, and will not push you towards surgical procedures. If you are the right candidate, a thread lift can postpone the need for a mini or full facelift by a few years. If you are interested in learning more about this technology, contact our office by email or call (215) 542-0655 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Weishar. Our central location is easily reachable from Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

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Q: Am I a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for Silhouette InstaLift are those who wish to correct moderate facial sagging and are in good overall health. It is suitable for women and men between the ages 35-65. The best way to know if you are a candidate is to schedule a consultation to have Dr. Weishar evaluate your facial structure and give you her unbiased, professional opinion.

Q: How long do results of Silhouette InstaLift last?

With proper care and upkeep, noticeable results can last for up to two years. It is safe to have this procedure performed again when the results start to fade.

Q: What happens to the threads after treatment?

Silhouette InstaLift threads naturally disintegrate over time and are discarded by the body. There is no need to have them removed.

Q: What is the cost of Silhouette InstaLift?

There are no surgical costs, such as the cost of booking a surgical center and administering anesthesia, associated with InstaLift so this thread lift treatment costs less than half of traditional facelift surgery. The exact cost depends on how many threads are needed – we will provide you with a precise quote during your initial consultation.
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Written By:
Dr. Margo Weishar
Board Certified Dermatologist, Montgomery County

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