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CoolSculpting in Philadelphia

Eating well and exercising regularly are essential to achieving your ideal weight, but some parts of the body are more difficult to reduce. CoolSculpting is an innovative non-invasive alternative that can help you target these areas.

At Springhouse Dermatology, our team of skincare and body contouring experts provides the best CoolSculpting in Philadelphia. To learn more about our services, contact us to book a consultation today.

Incredible from Every Angle
  • Noticeable, natural results
  • No downtime
  • Non-invasive
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What Makes Us the Best CoolSculpting Provider in Montgomery County?

Springhouse Dermatology specializes in the latest medical and cosmetic procedures. We pride ourselves on being a CoolSculpting Center of Excellence. Thanks to our Springhouse location, we are perfectly situated to serve clients in both Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

  • Springhouse Dermatology is a Сertified CoolSculpting Practice in Philadelphia
  • Dr. Weishar and our CoolSculpting specialist, Sarah, have attended a specialized training certification at CoolSculpting University in Reston, VA to learn how to give our patients the best results possible
  • We provide exceptional customer service, starting with a complimentary, customized 360-degree assessment and a detailed treatment plan to transform your body by freezing unwanted fat cells with no surgery, no downtime, and a faster, more comfortable treatment
  • Our designated CoolSculpting Suite for our patients is equipped with drinks, healthy snacks, and an iPad so that they can relax during their treatment and catch up on Netflix, listen to music, or do work
  • Our office has the newest applicators available, which provide more comfortable treatments in half the time of previous-generation applicators
  • We have all of the newest applicators to treat the following areas: double chin, abdomen, upper and lower flanks, inner and outer thighs, knees, arms, and bra overhang
Woman's face, Before and After 4 Exilis sessions, left side view, female patient 1

Actual patient. Results were achieved with 2 Coolsculpting sessions and 4 Exilis sessions.

Coolsculpting 101

Below, patients can learn about CoolSculpting and how this procedure works.
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CoolSculpting is a targeted fat-freezing treatment that works best on stubborn pockets of fat or unwanted bulges. Every treatment is customized to the unique needs and contours of the patient. Working with the best CoolSculpting provider in Philly is essential to creating the best custom treatment plan for your needs.

CoolSculpting works by safely cooling a specific area of fat cells, causing them to die and be eliminated by the body over the course of three months. While each treatment can be expected to eliminate 20-25% of the fat in an area, patients typically require 2 or more treatments to meet their aesthetic goals.

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What to Expect

  • Patients begin with a thorough consultation with our Philadelphia CoolSculpting specialist to design a customized treatment plan and schedule a treatment date.
  • During the session, areas are treated one at a time. It takes about 35 minutes to treat a section, so patients can expect to be here for a few hours, depending on the size or number of treatment areas.
  • On the day of the treatment, you are invited to get comfortable and relax in our Philadelphia CoolSculpting suite, complete with a snack, comfy robes, and Netflix! Once the treatment gets started, the patient is numb from the cold making it a very tolerable experience. Feel free to bring your computer, work, or any other activities you may want during your treatment.
  • Once you are finished, the areas treated will feel numb. Over the next few days, the nerves will regain feeling. You may be sore or bloated in the treatment zone. This is temporary and very tolerable for most patients.
  • One month later, after the second treatment session in the same area, the body will take over and begin to get rid of the stubborn fat. This may feel like a slow process, but we will bring you back three months later to evaluate your final results.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

  • Arrive in comfortable clothing with activities to keep you occupied during your session. We provide complimentary wi-fi, Netflix, snack-bars, and water to make your visit more comfortable.

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CoolSculpting Can Freeze Fat Away Anywhere On The Body

CoolSculpting in Montgomery County is the fastest way to reshape your body without surgery.

At Springhouse Dermatology, we feature the CoolAdvantage Collection of CoolSculpting Applicators in Philadelphia. These innovative devices offer shorter treatment times, lesser cost, and improved results. They target different areas of the body that older devices cannot, like a double chin and problem areas unreachable by traditional fat reduction methods.

Our newest enhancements are designed to freeze fat away with less bruising and higher effectiveness than ever before. This results in faster recovery time and smoother CoolSculpting sessions.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that will not shrink through diet and exercise alone.

No general/topical anesthesia or pain medication is required. There is no downtime and you may resume normal exercise and activity immediately.

Results will gradually develop over 2 to 4 months following your treatment. CoolSculpting will remove approximately 20-40% of the fat from the treatment area. Areas can be re-treated if necessary in the future.

The Science Behind CoolSculpting

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What to Expect During Consultation?

During the consultation, our Philadelphia CoolSculpting specialist will explain to you what to expect during and after the treatment. Immediately post-treatment she will administer a 2-minute massage to the treated area to initiate an immune response to help the body naturally remove the treated fat cells. This helps our patients to get a 65% better response from the treatment.

What makes us special is that we truly care about our patients and getting the results they are looking for. We will prioritize treatments depending on the patient’s goals. We also have convenient morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments available to fit your schedule.

Potential Risks of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has received FDA approval and it is considered a safe alternative for eliminating difficult-to-treat fat deposits. Some of the potential side effects include:
  • Slight discomfort or itching at the treatment site
  • Temporary redness
  • Skin sensitivity
Woman's body, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, left side view, patient 1 Male body, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, front view, patient 2 Male body, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, back view, patient 3 Woman's body, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, back view, patient 4 Woman's legs, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, front view, patient 5 Woman's legs, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, back view, patient 6 Woman's legs, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, back view, patient 7 Woman's hands, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, front view, patient 8 Woman's hands, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, front view, patient 9 Male face, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, left side view, patient 10 Woman's face, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, left side view, patient 11 Woman's face, Before and After CoolSculpting Treatment, left side view, patient 12

What Happens During Treatment?

We will cleanse the skin and apply a gel pad to protect your skin from the cooling. Then the applicator is applied and will suction the tissue into the cooling cup. Once the patient is comfortably positioned we will initiate the cooling.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. After the cycle is finished the applicator is removed and the area is massaged to initiate the flushing of fat cells. The patient has no restrictions after the procedure and there is no downtime.

procedure photo: CoolSculpting

When Do I See the Results?

Following the procedure, a gradual reduction in the thickness of the fat layer will take place. You may start to see changes as early as three weeks after CoolSculpting and you will experience the most dramatic results after two to three months.

Your body will continue to process the injured fat cells from your body for approximately four months after your procedure. CoolSculpting is a great reward for patients in Philadelphia who have tried diet and exercise and still can’t reduce those stubborn areas. It can also be a great motivator for patients who recently started dieting.

When patients can actually see their bodies changing, they tend to be more motivated to continue toward their ultimate goals. Our experience shows that most patients want to continue treatments in other areas once they see the results of the first area they treat. During our 360-degree assessment, we will help you to prioritize areas depending on what events you have coming up.

There’s a reason why our patients think we’re the best at CoolSculpting in Bucks and Montgomery County! Contact us today to schedule your Philadelphia CoolSculpting consultation and you’ll see why we’ve been deemed a “CoolSculpting Center of Excellence.”

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Coolsculpting FAQs

What makes a good CoolSculpting candidate?

CoolSculpting sessions in Montgomery County offer excellent results for a range of body shapes, sizes, and ages. The device provides optimal fat loss for men and women affected by fat not impacted by diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is not a treatment for obesity.

Who should not have CoolSculpting done?

Individuals affected by skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, or who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant are not candidates for CoolSculpting. Springhouse Dermatology will ensure safety by doing a medical questionnaire during your consultation.

What areas of the body can CoolSculpting treat?

CoolSculpting beautifully contours stubborn pockets of fat from your chin to your knees. Your Montgomery County CoolSculpting specialist will choose the correct applicator to use on the specific treatment area.

The CoolSculpting device is currently FDA-approved to reduce fat from the abdomen, flanks, thighs, armpits, bra bulge, upper arms, double chin, beneath the buttocks, and chest.

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

Since CoolSculpting destroys fat cells, as opposed to shrinking them, they cannot return. This is explained in scientific studies and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. Along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, CoolSculpting can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How long does the CoolSculpting treatment take?

Also referred to as “lunchtime lipo,” CoolSculpting treatments in Philadelphia are complete in about 30 minutes or longer depending on the treatment area. We use the latest line of applicators from the CoolAdvantage line to ensure your comfort and safety.

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