Featured Treatments

Hair Loss/Hair removal

Hair- always too much or too little and in the wrong place! Hair loss is a medical problem that dermatologists are experts at diagnosing. Once we find the source of your hair loss we can prescribe a plan to help you back to the healthiest hair possible. Hair removal can be done for any skin color type and on any hair other than grey or light blond. We have the technology for safe and effective permanent or temporary hair reduction in unwanted areas.

Hair restoration supplements

Medical grade supplements can help to produce the most optimal conditions for hair growth. These medications can help to reverse stress on the hair follicle allowing health growth.


Prescription compounded topical scalp treatments

Newer combinations with higher concentrations are available through our office that produce superior results to those available over the counter. At your consultation we can recommend specific topical treatments for your needs


Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be used to permanently reduce hair growth on many areas of the body. As laser experts we keep you safe by knowledge and experience to match your skin type with the correct laser to produce safe and effective results


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