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Springhouse Dermatology and Aesthetics is open 5 days a week. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am – 5 pm. We offer Saturday availability once per month.

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New Patients

We welcome new patients to our practice! When your appointment is scheduled you will receive an email from the practice with a link to add your medical history into your record prior to your visit. Please fill this out completely before coming to the office. Upon entering the office you will be asked to provide:

  • your license or photo ID
  • your insurance card, both primary and secondary
  • a valid credit card to keep on file for any portion of your care that your insurance company deems to be your responsibility

Payment Policy

The goal of Springhouse Dermatology and Aesthetics is to provide our patients with state-of-the-art care in a timely and friendly manner. This is only possible when balances are paid promptly upon receipt. To run in the most efficient manner, we have set up a policy that pertains to all patients and all insurance carriers. It is necessary for us to implement this policy to decrease our rising cost of billing based on the proliferation of high deductible plans.

Medical Insurance: All patients are required to have a valid credit card on file at Springhouse Dermatology. For medical services, any copays or deductibles are due at the time of service. After your insurer has paid their portion, they will indicate any remaining payment or refund that is due for your visit. For any remainder $100 or less we will bill your credit card. For balances over $100, we will send one statement. Payment is required within 28 days. If payment is not received within this time period the remaining balance will be billed to your credit card on file. A list of the plans that we participate in is available by calling our front desk, and we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly to verify our network participation.

Payment for cosmetic services and aesthetician services is due at the time of the visit. We charge a fee for a consultation with our physicians and aestheticians. This fee is paid for the guidance in setting up a recommended plan to achieve your goals. If you move forward with these recommendations within 30 days of your consultation, your fee may be applied to your first procedure.*

We offer financing through Care Credit.

Payment is expected on receipt of your statement. Delinquent accounts will be subject to interest and collection fees. If you feel you were billed in error, it is YOUR responsibility to alert the office and resolve the issue or your account will be considered delinquent.

Please examine your statement carefully.

For your convenience, accounts can be paid in the office or by telephone using your Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and health saving credit card. You may also mail in payment with the bill provided. To save time and the environment, please call the office at 215-542-0655 for payment.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes you cannot come in for an appointment that you have scheduled. We are happy to reschedule your appointment to a later date or cancel if you need not come in. ANY APPOINTMENT CANCELLED outside of the designated time frame, missed, or if you do not keep your appointment the following fees will be charged to the credit card on file.

Medical appointment – $50 (1 business day)

Surgical appointments – $100 (2 business days)

Cosmetic appointments – $200 (2 business days)

Aesthetic appointments – If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 48 hours prior. If Springhouse Derm is not notified of a cancellation 48 hours prior to the service, 50% of the expected service fee will be charged or deducted from a gift certificate. Same day or now-show appointments will be charged 100% of the expected service fee.

We appreciate your understanding in allowing us to use the provider’s time that you had reserved to help other patients.

If you have scheduled a cosmetic consultation or intend to do so, learn how to prepare for your visit here: Your Cosmetic Consultation Visit at Springhouse Derm

*Consultation fee may not be applied to product purchases, medical co-pays or fees, or bills. Applicable only to cosmetic services received at Springhouse Dermatology and Dermaesthetics when booked within 30 days of initial visit.


Your prescription is part of your medical care. Proper follow up is vital to medical management. If you miss a follow-up visit or do not schedule one when it was suggested your medications you will need to be reevaluated before further prescriptions can be considered. Prescriptions will be refilled if they comply with the treatment plan that your provider has created in your record.

Biopsies and Cultures

Many times during your visit we will collect a specimen that we send out to a lab for analysis. We may also write an order for blood testing when necessary. Any specimens collected in the office will be billed to your insurance company by the lab performing the analysis. You will receive a separate bill for these charges from the lab. This fee is not included in your office visit.

Most biopsies are reported within a week. Occasionally special testing is required which may require a longer investigation. Your biopsy results will be available in your patient portal when they have been reviewed by the physician. You will receive a call from the staff if your biopsy indicates that follow up care is necessary.

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For your medical dermatology visit, your health insurance will apply to your evaluation and the removal of skin cancers or premalignant moles. In the case of cosmetic consultations and treatments, fees will be reviewed with you at the consultation visit. Payment is expected at the time of the consultation. We accept all major credit cards as well as check and cash.

If our practice does not participate with your plan you are still welcome to see our practitioners. A fee for the service will be collected at the time of the visit, and you will receive proper paperwork to submit to your insurance.

Patient Portal

When you book an appointment with Springhouse Derm you will be sent a secure link to set up a profile in our patient portal. In this portal, you can enter your medical history, sign consents for treatment, and communicate with the office. Results from pathology and labs as well as any important instructions or correspondence will be viewable through the portal. For instructions to setup your patient portal account, please click here.

Emergencies: Our phones are monitored 24/7 for true medical emergencies. Please call 215- 542-0655 and follow the instructions if you need to reach us after hours. For non-urgent issues, you may also send us an email at or leave a voicemail at the office.

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