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Resistant Fat

Have you ever tried to lose fat in one problem area? Us too. As we all know- it’s impossible to target one area with diet and exercise (although we are all for those things for overall wellness). That’s where we can help. With several devices unhand we can permanently reduce fat and reshape your body to achieve the look that you want.


The gold standard for non invasive permanent fat reduction by using fat freezing technology. At SD we are delighted that we have a CoolSculpting Master- Sarah Heller MSE who can do a complete assessment and give you a treatment plan for superior results.


Exilis Ultra

This combination radio frequency and ultrasound device can tighten and target loose skin, excess fat and be used virtually anywhere on the body. Face, neck, arms, abdomen, knees, thighs, ankles can all be improved with no downtime.



An injectable fat dissolving agent that can be used to target double chin or small pockets of unwanted tissue in many areas.


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