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Skin Dullness and Large Pores

Is your skin looking dull? Clogged pores and rough texture? It may need a refreshing with a new home regime, or a professional exfoliation and hydration. At SD we offer medical grade skincare, facials, dermaplaning and Diamond Glow to restore and refresh dull skin. Our aestheticians are passionate about giving you back your glow.

Diamond Glow Facial

One of our most popular treatments the Diamond Glow uses gentle diamond head microdermabrasion to infuse the skin with healing serums. This treatment is for all faces and can be customized to meet your needs.


Chemical Peel

We offer a wide variety of peels from light no downtime peels to medium peels requiring some visible skin shedding. Refreshes and renews the skin.



Dermaplaning uses a light medical grade scalpel to scrape away dull skin cells and tiny hairs from the surface of the skin. A perennial favorite for celebrities and anyone who wants a fresh, smooth appearance


Medical Grade Facials

Our licensed, highly-skilled and amiable medical aesthetician Sarah Heller, uses trusted products to restore your skin’s pH balance and healthy glow.



This series of tiny gold needles introduces a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and neuromodulators to hydrate skin, tighten pores, and give an immediate and lasting glow

Top Doctors 2019 - Dr. Margo Weishar
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Dr. Margo Weishar
Board Certified Dermatologist, Montgomery County

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