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Sun exposure, smoking, and environmental elements all contribute to skin aging. As we age, the collagen in our skin gets broken down as part of normal physiological processes.

Our skin cells cannot always synthesize the collagen quickly enough to replace the cells that have been lost. Sometimes the skin can benefit from a little push from within to enhance collagen production and reverse the visible signs of aging, which is exactly what a GentleWaves LED Photomodulation treatment can do.

Located in Montgomery County near Philadelphia, Springhouse Dermatology offers the latest technology for skin rejuvenation. We can develop a personalized GentleWaves treatment plan that will ensure your skin gets that boost of energy to start synthesizing collagen, smooth your wrinkles, and tighten your skin.

To rejuvenate your skin safely and effectively, put yourself in the expert hands of Dr. Margo Weishar, founder and lead dermatologist at Springhouse Dermatology.

Dr. Weishar’s work has been widely covered in the media, and she has been selected by New Beauty magazine as a top Aesthetic Dermatologist. Dr. Weishar and her team consistently receive excellent feedback from their patients.

What Is GentleWaves LED Photomodulation?

GentleWaves LED Photomodulation is an innovative FDA-approved technology that uses LED light, where LED stands for light-emitting diodes. LEDs activate collagen production in skin cells. This technology works in the same way that photosynthesis takes sunlight and converts it into energy for the plants.

GentleWaves uses LED light to stimulate your skin cells and produce “food.” This unique “food” is called collagen, and it is responsible for smooth-looking and tight skin.

GentleWaves is a non-invasive technique that can be used on your face to:

  • Rejuvenate
  • Tighten
  • Smoothen
  • Even tone and spots
  • Accelerate healing after surgery or scarring

At the same time as stimulating collagen production, LED Photomodulation also suppresses collagen-degrading enzymes that are usually present in the aging process. This combination of effects makes GentleWaves the perfect treatment if you are looking to improve your skin’s radiance with long-lasting results.

In a recent multi-center study of 90 patients who underwent GentleWaves treatments, 62% of patients achieved improved skin appearance around the eyes, and 36% around the upper lip. Patients also reported continued improvement four months after the last session.

What To Expect From Your GentleWaves LED Photomodulation Treatment

Your GentleWaves treatment is pain-free, non-invasive, and non-ablative. This means there is no temporary injury to the skin’s surface which often occurs with other, more aggressive rejuvenation methods.

Dr. Weishar will combine your GentleWaves treatment with other revitalizing procedures such as IPL or chemical peels. This combination will boost collagen production even further and enhance healing. By progressively building collagen, wrinkles are reduced, and your skin will appear more youthful and radiant.

GentleWaves LED Photomodulation treatment is unique because it is a natural, non-thermal method for skin rejuvenation that reduces the visible signs of aging. This means that it won’t heat your skin, and there is no downtime. You can leave our Philadelphia practice and go on with your normal routine.

Dr. Weishar and her team will advise you on a personalized treatment plan. Depending on the results desired, and the areas treated, 8 to 10 sessions are usually recommended. GentleWaves treatments guarantee progressive results, and you can expect to see noticeable changes after just five sessions.

We will also build a customized skin-care regime with professional, scientifically-proven products to complement your GentleWaves results.

Woman patient during - GentleWaves LED Photomodulation treatment (side view)
Woman patient during - GentleWaves LED Photomodulation treatment (oblique view)

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