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Patient Portal
Springhouse Dermatology and Aesthetics
Policies & Procedures

Deposit/Cancellation Policy

Springhouse Dermatology and Aesthetics is committed to providing quality care in an efficient manner. In order to achieve this, we have a cancellation policy that pertains to all patients. The policy below is in effect and will be strictly upheld.

Medical Patients

Please be advised that we require at least 24-hour notice of appointment cancellation. If less than 24 hours notice is given, a $25.00 fee will be assessed to your account. Any service that is not covered, by your insurance company, is your financial responsibility. Patients will be responsible for any collection fees owed from delinquent accounts. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before you are seen by your provider. If payments are not received at time of visit, your visit may be cancelled barring a medical emergency.

Cosmetic Patients

Please be advised we require at least a 72-hour notice to cancel a cosmetic appointment. Should you cancel with less than three business days, we will assess a non-refundable fee of $50 per 15 minutes of appointment time to your account. All cosmetic and laser services must be paid at the time of service or will be charged to the credit card on file.

For cosmetic consultations, a fee of $200.00 is required at the time of booking to hold your appointment. This amount may be applied in-full to any cosmetic treatments or procedures done at our practice if booked within 30 days of your consultation.* We request 72 hours notice for cancellation of cosmetic appointments, and will refund 100% of your deposit if cancelled within this period. Appointments cancelled less than 72 hours in advance will be subject to a $100.00 cancellation fee. 

*Consultation fee may not be applied to product purchases, medical co-pays or fees, or bills. Applicable only to cosmetic services received at Springhouse Dermatology and Dermaesthetics when booked within 30 days of initial visit.

Patient Owed Balance Policy

The goal of Springhouse Dermatology and Aesthetics is to provide our patients with state of the art care in a timely and friendly manner. This is only possible when balances are paid promptly upon receipt. In order to run in the most efficient manner, we have set up a policy that pertains to all patients and all insurance carriers. It is necessary for us to implement this policy to decrease our rising cost of billing based on the proliferation of high deductible plans.

At the time of visit it is the responsibility of the patient to provide our office with all insurance information (primary and secondary). When appropriate, we will first bill your primary and then secondary insurance. Once we have received payment in full from your primary insurance (and secondary carrier, if applicable), you will receive a bill for the patient owed portion of the bill. These balances are usually for unpaid copayments, non-met deductibles, or non-covered services per your particular plan. Any account not paid by insurance within 60 days is the patient’s financial responsibility.

Payment is expected on receipt of your statement. Delinquent accounts will be subject to interest and collection fees. If you feel you were billed in error, it is YOUR responsibility to alert the office and resolve the issue or your account will be considered delinquent.

Please examine your statement carefully.

For your convenience, accounts can be paid in office or by telephone using your Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express as well as health saving credit card. You may also mail in payment with the bill provided. To save time, money and the environment, please call the office at 215-542-0655 for payment.

Patient Responsibilities

You Are a Partner in Your Care.

  • We count on your respectful treatment of staff.
  • For the most successful outcome, you will follow all instructions, post visit.
  • We expect you to report any medical issues/complications to our office, immediately.
  • We expect you to provide the most up to date insurance and demographic information.
  • You will abide by the cancellation policy, including the responsibility for any fees incurred.
  • We expect any co-payments, outstanding balances, and cosmetic fees at your visit.
  • You will bring any billing issues to our attention immediately to avoid further collection requests.

Prescription Refill Policy

In the world of medicine, it is important to see patients face to face to evaluate even chronic conditions. The office will not "automatically" refill your prescription if you are not seen for that follow up appointment. This is to ensure that your condition is being followed and changes in your treatment plan can be implemented if necessary. With this in mind and in order to ensure our patients are getting the most accurate treatment, we recommend a follow up visit every 3-6 months based on your condition.


Many times during your visit we will collect a specimen that we send out to a lab for analysis. We may also write an order for blood testing when necessary. Any specimens collected in the office will be billed to your insurance company by the lab performing the analysis. You will receive a separate bill for these charges from the lab. This fee is not included in your office visit.

After a biopsy is performed, it is sent to a lab for testing. Once the results are faxed to our office and reviewed by Dr. Weishar, the patient will be notified of results. Normally, this takes about a week for patients to get a call from our office.

Cultures take much longer. Results take about one month before our office is notified. Once received and reviewed by Dr. Weishar, the patient will be notified of the results.

Patient Forms

Click here to download the Patient Forms.

Financial Policy


For your medical dermatology visit, your health insurance will cover your evaluation and the removal of skin cancers or premalignant moles. In the case of cosmetic consultations and treatments, fees will be reviewed with you at the consultation visit. Payment is expected at the time of the consultation. We accept all major credit cards as well as check and cash.

If our practice does not participate with your plan you are still welcome to see our doctor. A fee for service will be collected at the time of the visit, and you will receive proper paperwork to submit to your insurance.

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