Acne Scar Treatment in Philadelphia

The skin is a delicate canvas. Any burn, trauma, or acne scar may lead to irreversible damage to the skin. Although acne scars may be concealed with makeup, they will never disappear without the assistance of a qualified dermatologist. If you have ever been affected by severe acne and have pit scars, ice pick scars, hyperpigmentation, or other types of facial scarring, the experts at Springhouse Dermatology, conveniently located in Montgomery County near Philadelphia, have the best acne treatments to improve your complexion.

A Healthier Complexion

Healthier skin begins with a visit to Springhouse Dermatology, led by Dr. Margo Weishar, a double-board certified dermatologist who specializes in treatments proven to diminish the appearance of acne scars. Dr. Weishar treats a wide array of skin conditions and disorders at her Philadelphia area practice. With advanced training and a specialized focus in cosmetic dermatology, the Montgomery County dermatologist can successfully tailor a plan to heal and correct damage and acne-scarred skin. As a top 3% ExpertInjector™, she performs all cosmetic injections to provide all her patients with the most natural-looking results. An honored speaker for Cutera, and one of the best dermatologists in Philadelphia, Dr. Weishar produces the best results with facial fillers for healing acne scars while at the same time restoring youth to your features.

Struggling with Acne Scars?

Years after acne has subsided, many people are left with unsightly and embarrassing scars. Acne scars develop when pimples initiate the body’s inflammatory response, causing collagen to thicken and become deformed. This nearly irreparable damage is often the result of picking or squeezing pimples, which is sometimes an inevitable side effect of acne. As your skin continues to lose collagen and volume, acne scars can become worse, calling more unwanted attention to your skin. How effective your scar treatment depends on your physician’s skill and expertise, especially her ability to choose the correct laser or treatment solution for your particular skin type. Luckily, Dr. Weishar, Philadelphia’s leading dermatologist, offers hope for individuals suffering from acne scars. Her treatments are capable of correcting acne scars of varying depths ranging from ice pick to boxcar to rolling scars. Using lasers and optimal technologies to stimulate collagen production, Dr. Weishar is able to restore the skin’s natural texture.

Which Acne Scar Treatment Is Best?

All treatments are designed, performed, and overseen by top Montgomery County dermatologist Dr. Weishar, who has over 30 years of experience treating patients in the Philadelphia area. Fractional Resurfacing with CO2 laser – Promotes collagen and elastin development, smoothing the skin for a younger, healthier, and glowing appearance. Microneedling – Breaks down old scar tissue to remodel cell growth from the inside out, offering smoother skin and a youthful complexion. Dermal Fillers – Gentle injections with Restylane, Radiesse, or Juvéderm fill scars, offering immediate improvement for acne scarring. Intense Pulsed Light or Vascular Lasers – IPL diminishes discoloration, improving skin texture and tone after a few treatments. Microdermabrasion – Ideal for mild cases of acne scarring, this popular treatment removes layers of dead skin cells, revealing younger skin.

Correct Acne Scarring Today!

Are you looking for the best acne and acne scar treatment in Philly? Experience Dr. Weishar’s revolutionary approach to treating acne scars in Montgomery County, near Philadelphia. Please call 215-542-0655 to schedule your consultation today and get rid of acne and acne scars!
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