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    Dr. Margo Weishar | Skin Care Tips | February 27th, 2022

    Dr. Margo Weishar
    Springhouse Derm is an integrated skin health and wellness center led by double Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Margo Weishar, MD. We offer patients a comprehensive approach to skin including the most current technology in laser medicine, advanced use of injectables by expert physicians, and a team of experienced practitioners to provide your care. As dermatologists, we are uniquely able to care for all medical skin concerns as well as cosmetic needs, integrating the latest techniques and technology in skin wellness. Learn more about body expert Dr. Margo Weishar in this introductory Q & A.

    My greatest achievement:

    I started my own practice 28 years ago when no one was encouraging women to run a business on their own. I had to navigate how to grow a practice from the ground up as I was completely new to the area. Over the years, I have been incredibly proud to be able to continue to grow with the community and to provide a place for young women to learn and achieve in a supportive setting (as I have had all women employees!). This has given me the chance to become a mentor and teacher to many young women both in my office and the field. I love my role as a teacher and it is my goal that my practice is a model for women to support and encourage each other in a variety of roles.

    What is the future of your field?

    Dermatology is a vast field encompassing skin, health, and wellness. As dermatologists, we treat important skin cancer, autoimmune diseases, as well as the common problems of acne, rosacea, and dermatitis. Added to that, we now have grown the field of cosmetic dermatology to include numerous technologies, injectables, peels, and topical therapy which can work to help people maintain the look and quality of their skin – throughout their lives. Dermatologists continue to be innovators and thought leaders in both the care and wellness of the skin, and I am so grateful to be part of such a constantly evolving field.

    The biggest misconception about my field is…

    Dermatologists are physicians that have the highest academic credentials to be awarded a residency in one of the most competitive specialties. While people often think it’s all fun and Botox, there is extensive education and training behind the specialty. We train for over 16,000 patient hours in three years devoted completely to skin. Not to mention I was also a board-certified internist before I became a dermatologist!

    Dermatology is a very difficult specialty to master, requiring years of supervised patient care, knowledge of pathology, surgery, immunology, and cancer biology. In addition, as a cosmetic dermatologist, I need to know the physics behind laser and other energy-based devices, injectables, peels, and the science behind medical-grade skincare. My team sees how much time I invest in traveling to conferences in the U.S. and internationally to learn the cutting-edge techniques that I provide to my patients. Expertise is acquired by constantly learning, sharing, and refining your skills, which I have been doing for several decades.

    My most requested procedures:

    As a cosmetic dermatologist, most often patients look to me to help them to negotiate the vast array of options and form a customized plan to help them achieve their goals. There is so much information out there, and it is difficult for patients to determine if a trend or treatment is best for them. For that reason, the most requested procedure is actually a consultation – where we get to know each other, discuss goals and treatment options. I am constantly educating myself and keeping up with the field so my patients don’t have to when they elect to put their skin in the hands of an expert!

    What surgical advancement are you most excited about?

    There are several new, non-surgical options for patients wishing to achieve a lifted effect but not wanting to undergo surgery. I love to use threads with bidirectional cones – that dissolve slowly over months, stimulate collagen, and can be placed in an office visit with minimal healing – to create this natural, lifted effect for my patients. Other favorites are technologies such as micro-focused ultrasound and radiofrequency that can firm and tighten skin without significant downtime. I am avid about learning and incorporating technological and technique advancements into my practice. We are always learning, and always improving.

    What are you best known for?

    My expert team and I design combination treatments that allow patients to emphasize their natural beauty and minimize features that they don’t like. My in-depth knowledge of the many intricacies of cosmetic and medical dermatology allows me to integrate the two seamlessly, and to most effectively evaluate the science behind the many rejuvenation options available to customize a plan for each patient. Each person has different needs, so it is our goal to evaluate and design a unique combination of techniques to achieve their goals.

    What is your most memorable patient reaction?

    My favorite reaction is when a patient feels like they look “like themselves.” We all have a vision of our best self – the one that makes you feel powerful and attractive – and small cosmetic enhancements can help you face the world in the way that you would like to be perceived. I specialize in using and combining the “tools” that I have – technology, injectables, topical care, and medical treatments – to produce the most natural effect. I always say: the best cosmetic results are invisible!

    What sets my practice apart?

    I am a unique combination of board-certified dermatologists with a long history of excellence in providing the best medical care and in-depth experience in the field of cosmetic dermatology for my entire career. I have seen treatments come and go, and I know how to assess the scientific basis of each option, and how to best use that information to the benefit of my patients. My experience over several decades of providing care allows me to find the best path through the numerous options for the safest, most effective, and realistic treatment.

    I have also developed a wide network of skilled colleagues across the country, who I reach out to share in finding the best options for patients. Access to the expertise of the best and most trusted in the field is invaluable! It’s a truly unique community.

    What I love most about my profession:

    Dermatology is unique in medicine. When patients have problems with their skin they cannot often hide them from others, and they often know that something is not right on sight. Skin is the way that we interact with the world, and it can also be a window to the workings of the rest of the body. When we can help someone achieve healthier skin, they will see immediate benefits in not only the physical appearance and quality of their skin but often in confidence and comfort as well. I am so grateful to be able to provide that to my patients!

    Career-defining procedure?

    I have many procedures that I am very proud of. However, since I have been devoted to the structural rejuvenation of the face since before we had easily available deep fillers, I feel my artistic understanding of the 3 dimensional, sculptural nature of the face lends to a unique love of and skill with dermal fillers.

    Focusing on the possible, the safe, and the achievable, I guide patients to find what treatment suits their particular focus. Everyone has a feature that they like, as well as a few that they don’t. I work to achieve balance and harmony in our faces and bodies – it’s really an art, and you have to have an eye and a deep understanding of it.

    New services I am excited to offer:

    I have been very excited about the possibilities of combining different techniques into one comprehensive treatment. With the vast array of technology that we offer, we are able to customize combination treatments for very specific needs. I see our team continuing to move away from “cookie-cutter” approaches that are based on preset parameters, onto creative combinations that address each patient individually. Just like you can buy a dress off the shelf that is made to fit many people, a dress created just for you will fit better and make you feel all the more wonderful.

    We are expanding our offerings in the aesthetic realm by growing our team of aestheticians to complement the medical and cosmetic treatments that we provide. We vet each procedure that we offer to make sure that the science backs up the claims. We hope to be able to help you have both the healthiest and most beautiful skin and to take care of all of your skin needs within one cohesive team.

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