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    Dr. Margo Weishar | Aesthetic TreatmentsMedical Dermatology | June 7th, 2016

    HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW! (procedures photo)

    Imagine Never having to shave again. Laser hair removal treatments can do just that! Laser Hair Removal reduces your hair removal routine and leaves your skin with a smooth feel and look that cannot be achieved through other means. It is the best hair removal option currently available on the market today. During laser treatments, the hair follicle is altered, either permanently removing or replacing the unwanted hair with a vellus (fine, light-colored) hair. IPL laser hair removal can eliminate up to 85 percent of dark coarse hair. Just about any area can be treated with minimal discomfort and virtually no down time. Most patients tolerate the procedure without any anesthesia. However, if sensitive areas are to be treated, a topical anesthesia cream can be applied one hour before treatment. Immediately after the procedure, the treated area may appear slightly pink in color and may feel like a mild sunburn. This reaction subsides within minutes to hours and cool compresses will hasten the disappearance of these symptoms. You can return to your daily activities immediately.

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